Valentine’s Day: It’s not Just for Lovers

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers! There are many people in our lives who deserve appreciation on this special day. If we look back in the history of Valentine’s Day, we will see the true spirit of the occasion.

Valentine’s Day started in ancient Rome, in honor of the Roman festival of Lupercalia. Later Pope Gelasius ordained it as a Christian feast day. There were at least three Christian saints named St. Valentine: one was a priest in Rome, another bishop, and a third, whose history is unknown. All three were martyred on Feb. 14th. St. Valentine was known best as the patron saint who was willing to “marry” couples who wished to be wed, even in the face of government sanctions which could cost them their lives.
But the most memorable story associated with the legend of St. Valentine is focused on agape (Christian love), when St. Valentine was martyred for refusing to renounce his religion. The other “Valentines” are known for the good deeds they did for others, in spite of opposition from the Roman government, such as providing for the needy, helping the sick, and performing marriage ceremonies.

However you consider Valentine’s Day, it is clear that its origins have their roots in more than romance. It is about love of any kind, in which people take the time to do something kind for a fellow human being. It is someone reaching out to someone in need, or someone who needs encouragement, in order to lift them up a bit. It honors the forgotten. It elevates the common person. It brings cheer to those who mean so much to us.
Such is the case today on Valentine’s Day as well. You, too, can honor those who mean the most to you on this special day. One way to do this is with Gourmet gift baskets. Personalized to meet the unique qualities of the receiver, gourmet gift baskets come in a variety of combinations, including:

  • Assorted Chocolates baskets
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels
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  • Fruit, nuts, and cheeses
  • Corporate gift baskets
  • Sports baskets
  • Cakes and cheesecake baskets
  • and many more!

    The limits are only your imagination and the unique tastes of the receiver.

Gourmet gift baskets are special because they can be customized in any way you choose. A gourmet gift basket at Valentine’s Day says that you were thoughtful enough to send them something special. They are sure to remember your gift for a long time to come and will appreciate the fact that you took the time to create it. You can purchase these special arrangements online or in your favorite store and create something that will always be remembered. The limits are only your imagination and the unique tastes of the receiver.

Giving a gift basket at Valentine’s Day, or any time, helps create memories. Whether it’s for a special friend, a spouse, a teacher, a corporate executive, or other important individual in your life, you can say what words cannot express with a specialized gourmet gift basket. Valentine’s Day is not just for is for the important people in our lives who make life worth living, and joy worth giving.


If you want to make a special impression this year on someone who means a lot to you, enrich your relationships, and give them something to remember, consider a Valentine gift basket. There are many different kinds to choose from to match every taste and personality. To discover gift baskets for all occasions, and browse the many gift baskets available for Valentine’s Day, visit our main store at: and find the perfect basket for your gift this Valentine’s Day. Nothing says, “You’re special” like a gourmet gift basket.

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